Instant browsing

If you’ve got yourself an Android-enabled phone or one of those popular iPhone thingys (and let’s face, who hasn’t by now, eh?) then you could access Google’s latest innovation in mobile browsing: the beta of Google Instant. Whether it’s much of an innovation is open to question, however.

Basically the new version of the search engine, which you can turn on just by going to Google on your mobile and clicking the ‘turn on’ link, offers you options for searches based on what your typing, meaning you don’t ever have to use the enter key. It also means that you will be typing and clicking less to get to your preferred destination, which is a bonus, but given that you’ve got a tiny screen to work with you’re still going to have to scroll and faff to find what you want often enough. Still, it’s free, so why not watch the video tutorial below and try it out on your own phone?

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