Inkjet Cartridges made by Lexmark

3-Pack 100XL Colour (CMY) High Yield Return Program Ink Cartridges

Inkjet cartridges made by Lexmark have a wide range of features. The 3-Pack 100XL, for instance, is made up of three individual cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges that are used to create a full colour image. When the colour of one cartridge runs out, only the colour of the empty cartridge needs to be replaced. Thus, the need to replace a whole colour cartridge, as is necessary when it is self-contained, is no longer required. The Lexmark 100XL colour cartridge has precise drop placement, and uses Vizix technology.

Twin-Pack NO 1 Print Cartridges

Though the No 1 Print Cartridge is made up of colour inks, it is a cartridge that has the capability of also printing black. This is also a cartridge that can be used to effectively print text right up to high quality images, and is also capable of printing on a number of different types of surfaces.

Twin-Pack 17 Black Print Cartridges

Inkjet cartridges made by Lexmark are aimed at heavy to light print users. The black cartridges from this twin-pack are designed for non-heavy use. Consequently, this cartridge will not be suitable for anyone who prints hundreds of A4 size documents a week.

Combo-Pack 32, 33 Black and Colour Print Cartridges

This combo-pack of colour and black ink is ideal for the same users of the Twin-Pack 17 cartridges. Both the black and colour cartridges of this combo-pack are designed for Lexmark printers that are not constantly used throughout the day.

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