Where to find the cheapest ink for Deskjet F2280 printers

Buying ink is often an expense few of us think to factor in when we are buying a new printer. Often we simply look for the least expensive printer available, without thinking to ask how much ink cartridges cost for it. This can turn out to be a huge misjudgement, especially when you learn that the cost of ink is more than that of the printer itself!

We have found this to be the case with the Hewlett Packard Deskjet F2280. It is by all means an excellent budget printer, offering great speed as well as colour reproduction, but unfortunately the ink comes at quite a hefty premium which is far from ideal for anyone printing large amounts of documents or, even worse, high resolution photographs.

While you can save by searching for low price official HP cartridges online, there are far better bargains to be had by those of you who are willing to ignore the warnings in your user manual and give consideration to third party products.

Despite the fact that you are advised by the manufacturer never to use unofficial ink refills, we have learned through our experience that it really makes very little difference to the performance or life expectancy of the device if you do decide to make the switch.

Official cartridges are pricey, and you can soon rack up huge ongoing expenses by opting for them ahead of cheaper third party products which can often be bought for half the price.

When it comes to ink refills, either first or third party, we would recommend you take a look at both www.stinkyinkshop.co.uk and www.cartridgesave.co.uk, each of which offer unbeatable prices for ink for Deskjet F2280 printers

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