Let's take a look at the Sony A710 7 inch digital photo frame

Looking for a unique gift for a wedding or birthday? Have you considered a digital photo frame? They're fast growing in popularity, and coming down in price! They make the perfect gift for any occasion really!

If our suggestion has piqued your interest, then we have picked out the perfect inexpensive model for you to take a closer look at. This one does absolutely everything, and the best part is, it does it at a budget price!

The Sony A710 7 inch digital photo frame is the perfect "entry level" product for somebody buying as a gift for a loved one. Despite the low price it does absolutely everything you'd expect. Some of the features include:

Slideshow customisation - Sony Digital Photo frames are fully customisable, and allow you to select what order your photos change, and how long each photo remains visible. The "smart search" technology allows you to find any photo on the frame within seconds.

Choose your position - The frame can be set in a landscape or portrait position, with the photos flipping themselves to fit whatever side you leave it on.

Handy Remote Control - Relaxation is the name of the game if you use the included remote control. It allows you to change the currently selected picture, cycle through available pictures, and even to create slide shows on the fly, without ever leaving your seat!

Digital Photo Frames will become more and more common in future, so show you're ahead of the game by picking one up as a gift today!

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