Inception stylee

Our inner young boy says 'awesome,' and our inner libertarian says 'eep.' The melding of man and machine continues apace. Yesterday we brought you the news that scientists had perfected lettung humans control a mouse pointer with their minds. Now it's the unconscious mind that's being hooked up to the Matrix: a scientist reckons he's on the way to being able to read and record your dreams.

Well, kinda. It's actually pretty simple: his technology simply records which neurons (the brain cells that do our thinking by processing electrical signals) are firing at what time during a dream, using sensors implanted in their brains (OK that's a bit gross). He then asks them to describe their dreams. Once he has enough descriptions, he'll be able to look for where there are common thoughts or images and find the neurons associated with them - eventually letting him 'read' his volunteers' dreams by tracking the neuron firings.

Awesome? Yes. Terrifying? Absolutely. Useful? Meh... we're not so sure...

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