In Rainbows, on iTunes

Radiohead’s album In Rainbows has gone on sale on iTunes – something of a surprise given that the band had previously objected to the way the Apple-owned store sold music. The band famously released the album on its own website and asked downloaders to pay what they thought the album was worth and although no official figures have been released the experiment’s thought to have been a success.

As you’d expect they’ve wangled a few concessions out of iTunes. Tracks from the album will be free of any copyright protection, and will be in a higher-quality format than normal iTunes downloads. The band’s still hoping people will download the album as a whole, offering a digital “booklet” and a podcast for those who do.

Have they caved, or got what they wanted? Either way it’s good to see someone trying to make digital music work for fans and musicians alike.

(Image: from YouTube)

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