An Introduction to In Car Stereo Systems

In-car stereo systems have come a long way compared to the standard stereo systems found in cars from the 90s and before. These days, CD players are standard even in the cheapest modern cars and, for most casual users, these are perfectly adequate. Often more important are the speakers which have by far the biggest influence over audio quality.

Purchasing in car stereo systems should be done with care if you plan to upgrade or replace an existing one. If you are purchasing an expensive head unit, you will be able to enjoy a great deal of extra functionality. However, it is often not worth paying much money for a head unit unless you have decent speakers to provide a good listening experience.

Replacing or upgrading car speaker systems is often expensive and complicated; especially since you need to do a lot of work dismantling various parts of the car’s interior to install the cables. The cost and type of cabling you need depends on the layout of your car and the rest of the equipment you are using.

The most basic in car stereo systems simply provide a CD player and an FM radio, ample for many users. You can add a CD changer to most models for extra convenience. However, if you want to plug in your iPod or other MP3 player or play MP3s from CDs or flash drives, you will need to buy a slightly more sophisticated system.

The highest-end in car stereo systems provide DVD functionality as well, ideal for combining with in-car computers or televisions. To get the most out of such a system though, you will probably want to provide monitors in the back of the car so that your passengers can watch movies on long road journeys.

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