iMonster Murdoch

Why people listen to old relics like Rupert Murdoch is anyone’s guess. Sure he’s a multibillionaire proprietor of several massively influential media organs, including muck-raking tabloid The Sun, but what does he know eh? Nothing, that’s what. That’s why you shouldn’t heed his words when he says that the whole media world will flock to the iPad. He’s surely completely wrong.

‘All media is going to go on to the iPad, whether it be music or books or newspapers or movies, you’ll be able to get on your iPad…they’ll get better and better and you’ll be able to do more tricks with it,’ he said during an interview with the Fox Business channel, which you can see below. He also claims that soon every other tech company in the world will start producing similar products, meaning that there will barely be asingle person in the world not walking around with a telly in their bag.

‘It’ll be pretty small to start with but you know there’ll be more iPads, there’s competition coming from people like Samsung and LG coming very quickly, Hewlett Packard in a matter of three or four months.'

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