iMario? Sorry, no

Hey, remember Pokemon? For a while there back in the late 90s the Nintendo-game-cum-cultural-phenomenon was unavoidable (and unbearable). But then, as with Tamagotchi before it, it went away. Pokemon games still come out, and people buy them in droves, but somehow no-one cares any more.

Or do they? For a few hours today, the world went Pokemon-crazy. Nintendo announced that Pokemon Say Tap, a new Pokemon-based puzzle game, was coming out this summer - on the iPhone. That excited a few Poke-fans, but more importantly, it led to frenzied speculation that Nintendo might be softening its our-consoles-only approach to software and considering bringing other titles to Apple's iOS.

The thought of iPad-based F-Zero GX, with tilt steering, is pretty thrilling. But of course it's not to be. It turns out that though Nintendo created Pokemon, it's now run by the Pokemon Company. Nintendo is a shareholder, but nonetheless the Poke-people can do what they want. As CrunchGear reports, 'Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said that Nintendo would never sell Nintendo-licensed games on non-Nintendo hardware but, like Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, and the like, developers were free to branch out into whatever platform they wished. This, in turn, means that characters like Mario and Zelda will never, ever, ever appear on iOS, no matter how much you beg.'

Well that's a big fat boo.

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