Turning transportation on its head: An Imaginarium Mick Electric bike.

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The name of these bikes says it all. Imaginarium Mick electric bikes are synonymous with quality and affordability, offering the commuter or recreational cyclist a great alternative to the tired old modes of transport.

An Imaginarium Mick electric bike will offer you an environmentally friendly way of getting about. Many of the bikes are folding bikes and have removable, rechargeable battery packs which mean that they are incredibly convenient, compact and efficient.

An Imaginarium Mick electric bike will take away the sometimes excruciating effort of pedalling up steep hills which ruins the leisurely cycle for some people. With one of these bikes you can choose to pedal when you want, or you can use the electric motor for that little bit of extra help.

There really is no downside to owning an Imaginarium Mick electric bike other than your friends might get a little jealous, but the more people who start looking to these environmentally friendly alternatives the better off we will all be.

If you have lost some confidence in cycling or are trying to recover from physical restraints, then an Imaginarium Mick electric bike is the ideal solution. When you are using the throttle, no power is needed from your legs, leaving you in absolute control over your exercise.

All Imaginarium Mick electric bikes are made with comfort in mind. Every one of these bikes offers a solution that will get even the shyest cyclist back on the road in no time. Check what’s on offer,you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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