‘I’m speechless’

Lady Gaga has surpassed a landmark 10million followers on Twitter. To attempt to put that into perspective; that’s bigger than the populations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined, more than the amount of people who watched the first episode of The Apprentice recently and just under what Wayne Rooney gets paid in a week. We exaggerated the last one, but only just.

Lady Gaga, who debuted her new album ‘Born This Way’ at the Radio 1 Big Weekend last night (15 May), was quick to Tweet about her achievement saying; ‘10 million Monsters! I'm speechless, we did it! It's an illness how I love you. Leaving London smiling.’

Not to put too much of a damper on this stat, we’d like to see how many of those followers actively read her Tweets, and don’t do as lots of people do, give Twitter a go and stop using. Of course, if you’re not on Twitter, this will mean absolutely nothing to you.

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