il Papa has an iPad

My goodness. The tech world remains divided over the iPad, with the majority thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread and a passionate minority convinced it's an overrated, overpriced toy. But it seems Apple's slab now has God's approval.

Or at least, the approval of the man millions believe to be God's representative on earth, the Godfather himself, il Papa: Pope Benedict XVI. The big man revealed this week that he uses an iPad. How do we know? He used one to send his first tweet.

Regrettably he's not tweeting from @popebenedict, but from @news_va_en, the Vatican's stupendously boringly-named official Twitter account. So we don't know whether we'll be regularly updated on what His Holiness had for breakfast, whether he's Team Edward or Team Jacob, or any of the other marvellous details public figures typically share on the social network.

Nor do we know what else he does with his iPad, which, CNET points out, appears to be a 1st-generation model. You'd think the head of the world's smallest official State could afford an iPad 2, wouldn't you?

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