If you're looking to sell mobile phones for cash we compare the options

These days many people view top end mobile phones as disposable commodities. No sooner have they bought the latest models than they are already planning which phone they'd like to get as a replacement. Because of this mentality, it is very possible for buyers to pick up top quality phones second hand for much less than their face price, however despite the fact that there is a huge market there for such devices, many people seem to either disregard it as a potential money maker, or simply aren't aware of the earning potential held in their old handsets.

If you want to sell your old mobile phones for cash, you should compare the different options that are available to you. You could opt to sell them on online auction sites like eBay, however this usually means that you will be paying to have the item listed, as well as paying eBay a slice of commission on the sale. If making money is your main concern, then that probably rules eBay out, however there are other options available too.

By using online classifieds sites like Craigslist, you'll be able to post an advert in your local area's section in order to arrange a transaction for cash in person. In order to ensure that you get as much money as you can for the deal, we recommend you pay to have your phone unlocked if you haven't already done so.

By unlocking it, you'll make it so that any SIM card will work with it no problem at all. This can actually increase the value of your phone by as much as £100, depending on the make and model. So next time you replace your phone, don't simply toss the old one into a dusty old corner, take a look online for the going rate and then sell it off to help pay for your latest purchase.

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