Idris Elba interview!

You love The Wire, right? Of course you do; anyone with any semblance of taste and discernment is all over the Baltimore-set crime opus, and Stringer Bell is right up there with the serie’s best characters; plotting scheming and generally being a dude.

The guy who played String, East London’s own Idris Elba, is a gadget and tech freak, who started out as a pirate radio DJ, and called himself DJ Kipling (‘exceedingly good tunes’ - Lolz). Last night he gave an interview with Electric Pig, which you can read here. It’s very funny, and you see what a top chap he is in the following quote:

‘The best time-wasting apps are games like Cut The Rope because you can play them without anybody knowing what you’re doing,’ he said. ‘Then there’s Real Racing 2 HD. That is proper! The only thing is, you look like a right pr*ck sitting there turning the iPad round and round. That’s one for playing in private; even if you’re in a restaurant and you go for a number two, you can have a game on that real quick…’

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