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When Microsoft launched its Bing search engine a couple of years ago, we all kinda giggled. Surely Google's search engine was so dominant Microsoft couldn't possibly compete, especially with that silly name? This video pretty much captures the original response:

And yet, what's this? Could Bing actually be catching up with La Goog?

According to the latest figures it might be - in the US, at least. In March, according to the folks at Hitwise, Microsoft got 30.1% of the US search market in March. Google's share was 64.42%, down from 67% in February. Uh-oh, trend!

It's clear that Microsoft's deal with Yahoo a couple of years back, to provide the company's search engine results, was a stroke of genius. Over half of Bing's searches now come from Yahoo, more than from the Bing site itself.

But this is US-only, and Bing is growing fastest there, partly because of some heavy advertising from Microsoft. And Google has a lead in the next big growth market, mobile, thanks to its Android software and its being the default search on iPhone. Still, there'll be corks popping at Microsoft - and furrowed brows at Google - in response to this news.

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