Icahn makes peace and joins Yahoo board

Yahoo and billionaire investor, Carl Icahn, have finally made peace thanks to an agreement over the make-up of the internet company's board following months of infighting over the failed deal with Microsoft.

Icahn is set to be given three seats on the Yahoo board which will be expanded from ten to eleven members. The deal comes after months of public cat-calling between Icahn and the current Yahoo board over the proposed takeover by Microsoft.

The Yahoo-Icahn cold war culminated with private negotiations between Microsoft and the billionaire shareholder. Microsoft subsequently decided that siding with Icahn in a hostile takeover wasn't the best strategy.

Ichan also appears to have rethought his one-man war with Yahoo, heeding the old adage 'If you can't beat them, join them'. It will be interesting to see how things develop at Yahoo over the next few months now that Icahn is part of the board.

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