iBooks app for iPhone launches

So, the new firmware for the iPhone, and let's not forget the iPod Touch, has been launched. iOS4.0 has raised a lot of smiles for its ability to allow users to multitask, but one of its other features is also causing a buzz – iBooks.

iBooks is an app, it's free and it's already number one in the app store. The app itself is like iTunes, but for books and allows book worms to download all sorts of best sellers and classics, which tend, for the most part to be free. Users can then go wherever they wish and read whatever they like simply by staring at a screen a little larger than the size of a postage stamp. It’s like the future has arrived.

Joshing aside, we’ve had a play with iBooks and it’s a lot better than we thought. Yes, it’s a little odd attempting to read a whole book on a phone, but ease of use and the ease of reading make it a rather pleasurable experience. We musn’t grumble. After all it is free and so is lots of the literature in the store. We just can’t wait for a shuffle feature to be added....

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