We saw a bloke on the tube earlier wearing wireless Bluetooth headphones. They were SonyEricsson ones, big square things with flashing blue lights. He looked a numpty.

This recurring problem is why we got all a-tizzy last week when it looked like Apple had bought WiGear, maker of 'iMuffs' Bluetooth wireless headphones designed for Apple iDevices. It looked like easy-to-use, not-stupid-looking wire-free headphones might be finally on the horizon.

But, it turns out not. Apple didn't buy WiGear at all, though one of their senior people did go to work for them. The news came from none other than the CEO of WiGear, who when asked if they'd been bought by Apple replied 'I wish!'

Tell you what - the next time you catch your wire on something and your earphones fly out of your ears, you write to Steve Jobs demanding wireless 'phones from Apple; we'll do the same; and hopefully it'll happen anyway.

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