I know I got soul

The sheer number of first-person-shooters out there makes it very difficult to bring genuine innovation to the field of multiplayer: just about every combination of game mode has been tried out before, and thinking of something genuinely different is almost impossible. So what we’ve seen from supernatural shooter F.E.A.R 3 has impressed us, especially the Soul King mode, in which you have to harvest as many souls before time runs out.

‘Players are thrust into the most competitive multiplayer experience in the game, with the goal of harvesting the most number of souls before time runs out,’ said a press release from Warner Brothers. ‘Players will start out as a spectre, capable of possessing enemies to gain the skills and weapons of the body they inhabit.

‘While possessing a body, players will be able to collect souls through killing enemies, however, will need to constantly battle other AI enemies and the three other players eager to take them down and steal their harvested souls.’

What makes this more interesting for us is that whoever has the most souls at any point will be highlighted on the field of play, and if that person is then killed they lose half their souls, which we think adds another level of tactical sophistication to the whole affair. Like the sound of that? We do. Take a look.

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