i for Incredible

When the iPhone 4 launched, along with lots of hyperventilating about the supposedly dodgy reception, there were also plenty of concerns expressed about the phone's fragility. With both a glass back and glass front, the iPhone 4 was expected to shatter pretty easily. And that's proven true, though not as much as you might expect - Apple use pretty tough reinforced glass.

But here's a story to show that, with the right shock-absorbent case, the iPhone 4 can be pretty much impregnable. U.S. Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walker has described how he dropped his iPhone from a plane at 10,000 feet - only to track it down again and find it unscathed.

As CNET explains, "Walker is a jump master who makes sure the plane is in the right position before handing parachute jumpers over to the mercy of gravity. When he leaned out of the plane somewhere above North Carolina to take a look at landmarks below, he says, his iPhone slipped out to take on a new role as a real-life math and physics SAT question. Once back on the ground, and with the help of MobileMe, a friend, and an ATV, Walker says he was soon reunited with the phone, which he declares was completely unscathed in its Griffin Motif TPU case.

We'd say this is more an advert for the case than for the iPhone 4 itself, but still, it's pretty impressive - and it shows how helpful Apple's MobileMe Find My iPhone service can be as well. No wonder the likes of HTC are falling over themselves to offer Android equivalents...

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