Lexus show off their new electric hybrid bike

While the new electric hybrid bike from Lexus is not currently on sale, the concept bike has been wowing spectators wherever and whenever it has been on display, including at Tokyo's 2009 Motor Show.

A slick and futuristic white design, with a chassis made entirely of carbon fibre, the bicycle is currently in the prototype stage. Despite showcasing the model in various conventions for the past year or so, there are no plans to put the bike into full production or to release it for sale just yet. But, nonetheless, the engineering marvel perhaps shows the way for the future of hybrid, and electric, bicycles.

The current model features a 240 watt electric motor, which feeds off a 25.9 volt lithium battery, safely stored between the pedals and back wheel. The motor is there to kick in when you are a bit tired of doing all the manual cycling, and can maintain your pace while you recover energy. Specifically, the front wheel is powered by the battery engine, while the back wheels are pedal powered. The bicycle has an internal Shimano gear system, offering 8 different gears, so is perfect for a range of gradients.

The bike is a hybrid in two ways - firstly, through offering a mix of manual and motor energy to power the wheels. Secondly, the bike is a multi-purpose vehicle, offering thick, reliable mountaing biking tyres, a shift gear system, and strong but lightweight frame.

While this prototype is currently unavailable for sale, interested bike nerds may still yet get to see this one in action. Due to Lexus's involvement in the The Great British Bike Ride, this hybrid bike may feature in the aforementioned sporting event.

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