Hulu coming to iPhone & iPad?

Hulu.com is the greatest website ever! Well, only if you live Stateside. If you reside outside of the self-proclaimed super-power it’s likely you haven’t used it let alone seen it - legally at least.

To fill you in, Hulu is the definitive video streamer of TV shows and movies in the US. All of the big TV networks (Fox, NBC etc) have struck deals with the website allowing its users to view full length episodes. Even series of hit TV shows such as The Simpsons, The Colbert Report, Lost, 24 and many others are available with only the minor interruption of a couple of adverts. And all free of charge. The service is yet to be available in the UK although talks have been ongoing for years now about bringing it over.

One major and much publicised downfall with Hulu has been that it uses Adobe’s Flash to power its streaming and, thanks to a power-happy Steve Jobs (the CEO with awful dress-sense at Apple) the iPhone doesn’t support Flash (hence that annoying little blue lego brick). But, according to Modmyi, Hulu will soon be hitting the iPhone and the iPad by using Flash alternative ‘H.264’ (like youtube uses).

The only downside is that the Hulu on the iPhone/iPad won’t be able to run those lovely long American adverts. Oh, and it’s not available in the UK...yet.

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