HUGE Twitter news

Twitter, that social networking website which has come from nowhere since Christmas to suddenly becoming mega popular among the kids, has done something so exciting that we simply had to report it; they’ve only gone and ditched their old Suggested User List, and have revamped the whole thing.

Instead of suggesting specific Twitterers, the new system splits suggestions into categories and has got rid of the ability to follow suggested users at the click of a button. Now it works using algorithms that identify different users tweeting about different subjects like technology or politics (or other things, obviously). Users will be shown the lists that relate to their interests when they sign up to the site.

‘We created a number of algorithms to identify users…who tweet actively and are engaged with their audiences,’ said Twitter’s Josh Elman. ‘These new algorithms help us group these active users into lists of users by interests…these lists will be refreshed frequently as the algorithms identify new users who should be suggested in these lists and some that are not as engaging to new users will be removed.’

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