Hubert Chang: 'I am the third founder of Google - but I've waited a decade to say it'

Hubert Chang, a softly spoken and until now totally unknown US tech geek, has posted a video on YouTube claiming to be the third inventor of Google, alongside Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Hubert claims to have been introduced to Page and Brin while studying at NYU for a PhD in 1997 where, encouraged by a forward thinking professor, the three of them came up with the concept of 'page ranking.' Chang also claims to have had input into the overall business plan and the choosing of now eponymous brand name Google.

Having done all that he then walked away in order to concentrate on his PhD, leaving Brin and Page to forge on with the idea which has underpinned the very being of the internet for the past decade. In 2002, three years after inception, Chang decided to get in touch again. Google he says, gave him the cold shoulder.

Although Chang offers no explanation as to why he has waited a whole decade to tell the world of his joint invention, commentators suggest he probably badly underestimated the money making potential of the search engine and, having willingly walked away from the off, was gloomy about his chances at recognition.

Google have responded with a statement which neither explicitly denies Chang's input in the conception of the company or invites him to feast on the fruits of his (alleged) labours.

"Though many people were involved with Google in its early days, it has been well-documented over the past decade that Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the company in September 1998.

Check out Hubert Chang - the third inventor of Google.

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