HTTPanties for girls, Geek Chic gets raunchy

Geeks used to get a rough ride when it came to the fashion department. At least they did until Geek Chic became the new cool. You only need take a stroll around any new media/web designer ghetto to spot them (all large towns have them now...usually located in previously run down warehouses, updated inside to look like a Heals showroom). Carefully designed scruffy clothing, expensive "just got out of bed" hair cuts and thick rimmed glasses top off the slouchy walks and graffitied-by-a-designer-friend laptop bag.

Even a quick glance around Excite's secret underground bunker where the engineers are kept and cultivated, will reveal that the once-teased breed now beavers happily away in joyful Java Script Heaven, safe in the knowledge that they are, by chance of fortune's wheel, now at the cutting edge of cool.

The fashion runways around the world have also started to intertwine tech aspects into their apparel. The recent SIGGRAPH conference in the US displayed delights such as Bluetooth-enabled jackets and GPS-enabled platform shoes (which WebTwitcher would like to get her hands on...).

So where do the HTTPanties come in? WebTwitcher has spotted Think Geek, a site that sells chic geek wear, and it's piece de resistance are the HTTPanties. Any girl geek readers who have a set, WebTwitcher would like to know if they are of use.


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