HTC you in a few weeks

Here at Digitaledge we're equal-opportunity journalists. We'd never say we prefer any one tech manufacturer over another. But if we absolutely had to pick one favourite, it might just be HTC. They're the geek's tech maker, churning out high-spec, innovative hardware that proper tech heads can get their teeth into. And they're about to release a couple of champions in Europe.

First there's their new smartphone, the marvellously powerful Sensation. With a 1.2GHz processor, it's as powerful as the iPad 2 - and, presumably, as the next iPhone, though it may be out some months before. It's got a gorgeous 4.3-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera. And it'll be out on Vodafone in mid-May (and Three later in the summer). Contract up for renewal?

But of course it's tablets, not phones, that everyone's getting excited about. And HTC's first effort, the Flyer, is also out in Europe in May - May 9, to be precise. It's a 7-inch tablet, which won't please everyone, but is great for portability, and unusually for a modern tablet it packs an (optional) stylus for precise control when necessary.

So start saving up, basically, you've only got a few weeks to scrap together a few hundred quid to get your tech on for the summer.

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