HP364XL cartridges – and why you should use them

The HP364XL ink cartridges come in a set comprising black, photo black, yellow, magenta and cyan and it is the various combinations of these basic colours that give the printing its famous photosmart quality. The HP364xl cartridge can also be used with an extensive selection of HP printers although not all HP printers will be able to use the photo black colour so please check before purchase. Although these cartridges are available in both standard capacity and high capacity (XL), the XL version offers better value for money and enhanced print quality. The ink used in the HP364XL is manufactured to photo laboratory standard, quick drying and smudge resistant.

All cartridges are available singly but a great money saving way to purchase the HP364XL is in a set of five and if volume printing is required you won’t have to sacrifice quality for volume; each copy is as sharp and professional as the last. An approximate guide as to what the user can expect from volume printing:

Black: 550pages

Yellow: 750pages

Magenta: 750pages

Cyan: 750pages

Black(photo): 290photos

The cartridges themselves are economical to buy and extremely easy to replace in the printer.  HP have an efficient recycling system too so there is no problem disposing of used cartridges.

HP use Vivera ink in the HP364XL which means your photos won’t fade and for the very best results use HP Premium Plus photo paper to keep your photos as fresh and crisp as they were the day they were printed.

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