HP not HaPpy with leaked photos

The relationship between a tech company and a tech blog is a strange one. Tech companies crave the attention that blogs give their new products, but don't always like it when the blogs get information on those products before the company is happy so share it.

Hence the bit of tit-for-tat we've seen in the last 24 hours over HP's forthcoming range of tablets. Yesterday, Engadget - the giant of the tech-blog scene, at least in terms of page views - showed off some leaked pictures of HP's upcoming tablets, and their codenames - 'Topaz' and 'Opal.' The tablets, of 10 and 7 inches respectively, are expected to be officially unveiled next month.

Well, HP didn't exactly slam Engadget for the scoop, but they've been very eager to let us know there's more surprises to come. 'Think you saw the latest on Engadget? Think again,' says their invitation to the event on Feb 9. It looks like they brought forward the release of the invitations in response to the leak, unless it's a mighty coincidence they came out on the same day. 'Point taken,' said Engadget, but added that they'd 'be trying very, very hard to ensure that our readers do see the latest right here.'

And what do you know, mere hours later, some more details: the Opal and Topaz are going to be very similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad; they're going to charge via resting on a special charging 'touchstone,' like their smartphone predecessor the Palm Pre; and, if you have more than one HP tablet or phone product, you'll be able to 'bump' a web-page or app from one to the other by literally bumping the two together, for easy sharing. Which sounds pretty awesome.

We reckon HP are probably actually pretty happy with the attention this drip-drip of information, usually reserved for the likes of Apple, is bringing them. But we also reckon they'd like some stuff to remain secret for the event...

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