Cheap HP Laserjet Printers

Thinking of buying a new printer? HP laserjet printers are available both as black and white and full colour printers. It's best to determine your printing needs before you perform a search to find a cheap HP laserjet printer.

If you will only occasionally print colour pages you may well be better off buying a black and white printer and simply using a different printer or printing service when you need to print in colour. If you are looking for a complete home office solution, you should look at the range of HP laserjet multi functional printers, also known as all in one printers. These products are particularly useful for those setting up a home office as, alongside their laser printing capability, they are also able to do two or more of fax, email, scan and photocopy — some HP multi functional laserjet printers can perform all four of these functions.

Buying HP Laserjet Printers

You will commonly buy a HP laserjet printer in one of two ways: in the high street at a computer or electronics shop or over the Internet.

High Street Printer Purchasing

Buying a HP laserjet printer in the high street has some advantages over buying online. Firstly, you can observe and measure the dimensions of the product to determine if it fits in the space you have available for your printer. Secondly, you can ask a helpful member of staff at the store to show you how the printer operates, which will cut down on time spent reading the user manual. Finally, buying in person allows you to take your HP laserjet printer away and use it on the same day instead of paying and waiting for delivery.

Buying Online

Hewlett Packard's website at Hp.com/uk does not offer online purchases, but you can view the specifications of all HP laserjet printers here before making a purchase elsewhere. Visit website such as Tesco.com, Argos.co.uk and Dabs.com to compare the prices of HP laserjet printers before making your purchase.

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