The HP laserjet printer

World's First Laserjet Printer

In 1984, Hewlett-Packard released the first Laserjet printer for PCs. Being able to print at a speed of eight sheets a minute and at 300-dpi, the first Laserjet printer was such a technological advance that it was given a price only a major company or rich individual could afford. It was a step up from the daisy wheel and dot matrix printers that were prevalent at the time.


This is a multifunction personal HP Laserjet printer that is capable of printing from all mobile devices. It is also a printer that, according to hp.com, is environmentally friendly as it can reduce energy use. Through an Ethernet connection, printing resources can also be shared. This printer has a touchscreen that makes it easier for the user to operate. At pcworldbusiness.co.uk this printer is available for £314.98, including VAT. On Amazon.co.uk, the same printer is priced at £381.95.

HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP

The CM2320nf MFP is a fast printer in either colour or black, with speeds of up to twenty pages per minute. Ideal for a small work team, this printer has a help function and a fast network connection. The printer also has scanner, copy and fax keys. At pcworldbusiness.co.uk this printer is priced at £544.77, including VAT. On Amazon.co.uk, the CM2320nf is available for £534.18.

HP Color LaserJet CM3530 MFP

A very fast HP Laserjet printer that can print at around 31 pages per minute, the CM3530 MFP's speeds are the same for both colour and black. This is a printer aimed at workgroups, and it has scanning, copying, printing, faxing capabilities, as well as digital send. This is Hewlett-Packard's first desktop Laserjet multifunction printer that is fully featured. At pcworldbusiness.co.uk this printer is for sale for £2,002.22, including VAT. On Amazon.co.uk, this printer can be bought for £2,038.88.

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