Brand Review: HP Laptops

HP laptops (Hewlett-Packard) has been one of the biggest computing brand names since 1966. They were one of the leading brands of budget desktop computers in the 90s, but have recently moved to concentrating on the laptop market due to a rise in powerful desktop computing systems from competing components companies.


HP laptops tend to be in the cheap and mid-range performance area. Their more expensive models come with HD screen, media centre systems and ideal for family use, streaming, watching DVDs and Internet browsing. Even their cheaper lines are orientated around media users - but their laptops aren't ideal for gaming or performance use.

Although HP laptops in the £1000+ range can come with 16GB or memory and i7 processor compatability, HP laptops usually only come with an internal graphics set that can be used for crystal clear streaming, DVD or blu-ray playback. If, for example, you were interested in playing the latest titles like Bioshock Infinite or Crysis 3 (which is renowned for its graphic-intensive gameplay) you'll find you'll have to reduce the graphics to a lower setting to avoid sketchy framerates.

Their newest brands, mainly the Pavilion series, make use of Intel's 3rd generation i3 and i5 Ivy-Bridge processors, again ideal for home use and home media systems. Other brands, such as the Ultrabook and Notebook series, tend to use dual core processors rather than the i-range quadcores and can be used for light browsing and travel use.

Pavilion G

The HP Pavilion G series laptops are ideal for entry-level laptop users looking to make use of the system for home entertainment or as a family laptop. Screens range from 15.6 inches to 17.1, with a choice of i3, i5 and i7 processors and a wealth of internal memory space. However, the i7 processor range may not be ideal if you want to use the laptop for its intended use of casual browsing and streaming - i7 processors, which retail at around £200 more than the i5's £250 Ivy-Brigde range, are more effective in systems used by heavy computer users or gamers who will make use of the quad-core's power.

HP Envy

The HP Envy series laptops are sleek ultrabooks with Windows 8 systems and a range of laptop/tablet hybrids. These ultra-light ultrabooks also come with a touch screen and are nicely designed, ideal again for casual use and portability.

HP Folio

For business users, the HP Folio range has a no-nonsense approach with all the nescessary programmes pre-installed and an impressive speed, battery-life and light weight option. It isn't the most frilling line of laptops from HP, but it's a sensible option for a reliable device.

Price Range

You can pick up HP laptops for as little as £400 for a low end, slightly older model. However, most of the ranges listed above come with various price tags. For example, the Envy range starts from £600 up to £1,200 for the high performance Envy Spectre 14-300.

When you're buying a HP laptop, make sure you take a look at all the components in the model and weigh up their pros and cons - you may be paying for an i7 processor, for example, but your laptop might not possess a motherboard powerful enough to make full use of the processor's power. Similiarly, review each component online to ensure they'll be ideal for your use - such as the integrated graphics to the motherboard and battery life.

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