Where to find your cheap hp 300 ink cartridge

Where to find hp 300 ink cartridge replacements

As a component of one of the current generation’s most popular and versatile printers, an hp 300 ink cartridge is one item that is in constant demand.

ASDA direct (www.direct.asda.com) offer a wide range of Hewlett Packard cartridges. An hp 300 colour cartridge will set you back £14.00. Home delivery is free with the three to five day service, although you can upgrade the delivery date by covering a £3.95 express postal charge.

Excellent deals for hp 300 cartridges

UK Ink Cartridge (www.ukinkcartridge.co.uk) are currently offering a range of hp 300 deals. An 8ml cartridge (black compatible), containing up to 2 times for ink than the original cartridge, is available at £10.99 (including VAT). A 4ml cartridge will set you back £12.95.

Deals are available for multi-packs. A double-pack of hp 300 black cartridges, plus an hp 300 mixed compatible pack, costs £8.99 each for the black ones, plus £12.50 for the colour cartridge. Again, these hp 300 replacement cartridges contain up to double the original amount of ink.

Another option is a mixed combo. For one black cartridge plus a double-pack of an original mixed combo, the total cost is £36.85. This breaks down to £11.95 each for the black cartridges and £12.95 for the colour one.

hp 300 colour compatible ink is available at £13.99 for an 8ml cartridge, or £13.99 for a 4ml cartridge containing hp 300 colour original.

As well as the hp 300 accessories, this site also sells hp 300xl replacement cartridges, with three times as much ink as a standard colour original.

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