How'd you like them Apples?

You have to admire Apple. They know how to get attention. When other electronics companies launch new products, they announce them a few months in advance, then by the time they trickle into stores everyone's forgotten about them.

Not Apple. Apple take down their online store, alerting everyone in a frenzy to new products without having to actually tellanyone. Then, an hour or so later, up pops the new site, packed full of details of sexy new kit. And everyone goes mental, at least for a while.

So it was yesterday, when the Apple store site was unavailable for an hour or so. When it returned it contained... new everything!

OK, not everything. But this was a pretty broad 'refresh', as we nerds say. The iMac has been upgraded with new, more powerful multi-core processors (dual core, you say? HA! So 2008). The Mac Pro has also been upgraded, apparently so you can essentially make them more powerful than God.

For those happy with their computer, there's a new 27-inch Cinema Display to replace the old 24in and 30in editions. It brings the same comedically high resolution of 2560x1440 (for an in-no-way ridiculous price of $999).

Perhaps most interestingly, though, there's the Magic Trackpad. Building on last year's Magic Mouse, which was a mouse that also let you use multi-touch gestures, this is, er, a multi-touch pad that doubles as a mouse. (Seriously. The whole thing clicks up and down, like a mouse button. Weird.)

It's being touted as an extra right now, and new iMacs still come with the Magic Mouse as standard. But we reckon it's only a matter of time before you're offered a choice of Trackpad or Mouse when you buy... and we reckon lots of people might choose the Trackpad.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the humble mouse? We'll see. (We were going to make a joke that compared Steve Jobs to Tom from Tom & Jerry then, but we couldn't think of one.)

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