How visible are you online?

The government’s CD-losing antics seem to have triggered a wave of panic about online security, with users of social media sites suddenly realising that their information is public (d’oh!) and maybe they shouldn’t share their home addresses with the whole wide world. A new online service puts a number on just how available your online information is.

QDOS, developed by online identity firm Garlik, scores your online presence according to your “popularity, impact, activity and individuality”: just enter your name and postcode. The highest score so far is for 50 Cent with 10742, closely followed by Barack Obama and blogerati heavyweights Rafe Needleman, Perez Hilton and Pete Cashmore.

While we’re pretty sure Fiddy isn’t up all hours on his laptop hitting “reload” to check his score, we’re not so restrained. Ours came out at a disappointingly low 800 – and we’re not even trying to be secret…

What’s your score? And do you want it higher or lower?

(Image: from sotech's flickr stream)

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