How to work out your own inflation rate

The Office of National Statistics has launched a new web based tool today that allows all us mortals to calculate our own personal inflation rate.

A nifty little tool that will no doubt confirm everything is too expensive...WebTwitcher is yet to input her stats but is stabbing in the dark at a somewhat above-national-average-rate of 88%, judging on the cost of the last shoe purchase.

National Statistics Online also now provides an RSS feed you can add to your MIX page if you're interested in keeping track of what's happening in the UK economy.

If you want to shop around to reduce your bill payments check out Excite's quick comparison tool. If it's the mortgage that's on your mind since last week's shock rate increase, make sure you're getting a good deal here.

WebTwitcher wants to know what your inflation rate is if you do the test.


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