How to win friends and influence people

It's not what you know, it's who you know. A phrase as true for the online community now as it ever has been offline. Networking has become a digital art form (and big business in the web world) with contacts and deals being secured via increasingly sophisicated business networking sites.

OpenBC is one such site well worth a visit. It's free to sign up for the basic service and amazing to watch how fast your contact network can grow. LinkedIn is another similar service which is also worth signing up to. With 5 million users, the company turned a profit earlier this year and plans to add another 5 million users to the service over the next 10 months.

Until recently my only experience of business networking sites was randomly being asked to update address books or personal information from services I didn't even realise I had signed up for. Now it appears that the online business network has developed into an elegant and sophisicated way to widen your business contacts. Verdict? Definitely give it a go.


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