How to watch TV shows online free

Today TV has changed so much that we no longer need to wait for our favourite shows to be broadcast. With a digital TV package from the likes of Sky TV, BT or Virgin Media, we can download shows ahead of their premiere, catch up on boxsets of series you missed and get access to broadcaster’s extensive online libraries. If you can’t find the show you’re interested in watching through your digital TV box, find out how to watch TV shows online for free.
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TV subscriptions

If the cost of a TV subscriptions is too much for you and you want to watch stuff online legally, check out these sites. Each has been approved by The Industry Trust who are an independent body who protect the media industry from copyright theft.

Indie Movies Online

If you want a selection of movies from across the world, this is the site for you. If the content is free of copyright restrictions in the UK, it’ll be viewable through the site indiemoviesonline.com.


This is a UK based website that shows uncut TV and films. All the content’s free to air, and you’ll find a constant diet of classics and independent movies at crackle.com.


Jaman describes itself as a home for online cinema but it also offers a pay-per-view service for movies. You can direct stream through jaman.com or download the content.

Projector TV

This is a site that specialises in UK made independent movies and documentaries. It’s the main online distribution arm of the Future Film group but it also shows content made by other production firms. You’ll find their content at projector.tv.

On Demand sites

You’ll also find free catch up TV on the BBC iPlayer site, through itv.com, on Channel 4’s 4oD and on Channel 5’s Demand 5.

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