How to use PS3 pad for your PC

If you're into PC games but you like the feel of a PS3 controller, you're in luck. You can link it to your computer without too much fuse. We'll demonstrate how to use a PS3 pad for your PC gaming so you can throw away the joypad you've currently got for your computer.


There are a few steps to follow before you can start using the controller but nothing that's very difficult. The first step in our how to use PS3 pad for your PC guide is to plug the controler into the PC's USB port. You may want to also plug a Bluetooth dongle into another port at this stage if you're thinking about using a wireless controller.


When you plug the controller into the USB port the default drivers will automatically begin to install. If you're running Windows 8 you can skip this next stage but if you've got Window 7 or anything version older, you'll need to install Microsoft.net framework 4.0. You'll also need Visual C 2010 runtime installed and the latest version of DirectX. You'll also need Xbox 360 controller drivers installed before you can go to the next stage. Install everything and then restart your PC.

Install controller files

Open up and extract the controller files from your desktop. You'll find a file called SCPserver. Drag and drop that from the folder it's in to your desktop. Open up SCPserver and go into the Bin folder within it. Pull this folder into your program file, which you can access through the Start menu and then by clicking Computer. The next thing you have to do is run the SCP driver file. Right click and select run as administrator to get this going.


You'll need to take the controller out and then put it back into the PC in order to use it. This sort of installations far easier if you're using an Xbox controller. What we've done is tricked the PC into accepting a PS3 controller. Now you know how to use PS3 pad for your PC, stop reading this guide and get playing.

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