How to use Game Guardian

Game Guardian is a player’s dream but there aren’t many tutorials about how you should use it. You’d expect something as popular as Game Guardian to have YouTube videos about it but sadly that’s missing at the moment. We’ll tell you how to use Game Guardian though so you can get the most out of your stack of games.
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First of all you’ll need to download Game Guardian on Android. You’ll need to download it from a reliable website and then check that it’s workable. To do this just click on the app. If the app force closes, it’s not working right and you’ll need to find another site to download it from.

Set up

When you’ve found a workable Game Guardian app, open it up and begin the set up process. You’ll find all the instructions on how to do this when you open the app. Walk through this stage by stage and then you’ll be ready to use it when you see the forever-over-there doggy icon.


Now’s the time to go into your game. Find a number that you want changing. This could be something like your health for example. Press the dog button and you’ll see a few tabs appear. After that, click on the magnifying glass tab and press search. Next you enter the number of objects you want to change. Now you go back to the game and play it until you have changed the quantity of the item you want to alter. So if you’re looking to play around with your health, take a few blows or let an enemy kill you. This next stage begins by you going back into the dog icon then press Fuzzy and then smaller. If you don’t get a result here, clear the search and type “new amount”. Do this until there are three or fewer search results. In this next step you identify the search result you want to alter. When you’ve done that, press and hold the search result until a new window pops out then you can alter the number to give you more health or whatever you’ve decided you’d like Game Guardian to help with.

Final word

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