How to unblock Facebook at work, school or anywhere else

If you’ve got some downtime at school or work, maybe having a look at Facebook would make the time fly but a lot of companies and schools banned users from accessing their Facebook profiles. If you see “DENIED” when you put “Facebook.com” into the address field, the chances are that your network administrator has blocked the site. Thankfully we’ll tell you how to unblock Facebook at work, school or anywhere else where access is denied.
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Step 1

This method needs a little computer know-how but hopefully our step by step guide will make things clear. To begin, open the Command Prompt on your computer at home. We’re suggesting that you use your home PC as the following may also be blocked on your school or work PC. You’ll find this through the Start Menu. Next you need to type “.ping facebook.com” and then press the return key. Your system will automatically connect to Facebook. Once the command has finished you’ll see a series of numbers next to facebook.com in the results. You’re looking for the IP address which is made up of four groups of three numbers. Write this number down, including any full stops.

Step 2

All you need do now is to enter the IP address into the browser’s address bar and then press enter. Most blocking systems only stop access through the web address so entering the site through its IP address should do the trick.

Final word

There are a host of other methods worth exploring including tethering your work’s computer to your smartphone, as long as it’s also unrestricted, or you could change your browser’s proxy settings to gain access. Neither of these methods is as straightforward as the one we suggest.

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