How to transfer data from Blackberry to Android

If you’ve bought a new phone, you might need to know how to transfer data from Blackberry to Android. Perhaps you’ve got contacts that need transferring or photos that you’d like to import. Whatever your reason, transferring data from Blackberry to an Android device isn’t too difficult to get used to.
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Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to backup your Blackberry using the Desktop Software that comes with it. If you haven’t already done so, install the BlackBerry Desktop Software onto your PC. To do so, you’ll need to connect your BlackBerry phone to your computer. Then launch the software and click Back up now which will backup the Blackberry’s content to your PC.

Step 2

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the desktop software, you’ll need to connect your Android phone to your PC. Downloading and installing a BlackBerry to Android Phone Transfer program is the quickest way to get this done. A package like Phone Transfer that you can find at transphone.net will do the job for you. With a tool like this, transferring contacts and other data is child’s play.


You could also use Bluetooth to transfer contacts across to you Android phone. To do this, pair the Blackberry with the Android device by clicking Options from the Blackberry’s home screen. Then go into Networks and Connections and select Bluetooth Connections. Turn this to On. Go into Paired Devices and click Add a new device. Your Android device should be recognised. If so, select it from the Blackberry and click Submit to prompt the Android phone. Press the Blackberry button and select Transfer Contacts. You’ll need to authorise the Bluetooth access on the Android phone but other than that, you’ll just need a little patience while the device accepts the Blackberry’s contact list.

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