How to send a song through WhatsApp for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android

There’s way more to WhatsApp than just sending messages but do you understand how to use all of the features offered by the popular app? We’ll tell you how to send a song through WhatsApp with a BlackBerry, iPhone or an Android device.


To send any type of media through WhatsApp you need to open a chat to begin with. Then you press the Blackberry button and select the media you wish to send. This is where you get to choose whether to send a picture, send a video or send an audio file. You can either record something at that moment or pick a file on your BlackBerry. You can also add a caption to videos and photos but not to audio files. Sending an MP3 file is done a little differently. To do this you have to go to the main BlackBerry screen and open the phone’s media file. When you locate the MP3 you want to send, select Send and then WhatsApp Contact. Some users will find that there’s no forward option with their MP3 files. If that’s the case, your files are forward locked and can’t be sent via WhatsApp.


Unfortunately you can’t forward music files from your iPhone without downloading an app like ShareApp. If you’re not too pleased with the idea of downloading an app from a firm you’ve never heard of, why not try this second method. If you install Google Drive to your PC, you can then upload your favourite songs to it. When you install Google Drive to you iPhone you’ll be able to access the music you uploaded via your PC and then forward via WhatsApp.


Sending MP3 files from an Android device through WhatsApp. Open the Chat that you want to send via and press the paperclip icon in the top right hand corner. When you tap it a menu appears offering Gallery, Take Photo, Video, Audio, Location or Contact. Choose Audio and then select Choose Music Track. Select the track you want to send and then press confirm. The recipient will find the file in their WhatsApp Audio file.

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