How to save on a mobile phone contract

Some people pay way over the odds for their mobile phone. That’s easily avoided if you know what you actually use and you don’t let the sales person talk you into taking something that’s not right for you.



We can’t recommend one network over another nowadays because they’re all very good. The area of the country you live in can have a bearing on which network’s best but you really don’t need to stay loyal to one network any more. We recommend that you focus on the price per month to determine which contract to pick.

SIM only contracts

If you’re on a SIM only contract and you’re paying more than £18 a month, we’d ask why you’re paying so much. For this sort of cash you can expect an all-in bundle that takes the hassle away from using your phone. We’re talking about a deal that offers unlimited minutes and texts with at least 4GB of data. That should be more than enough for most users.

Contract phones

If you’re paying for the cost of a handset as part of your contract, you’ll no doubt expect to pay more than £18 a month but you don’t have to go mad and buy the latest device. Our top tip for getting a great phone at a great price is to opt for an older spec device. Getting your hands on an iPhone 5 on contract rather than an iPhone 6 will save you considerable amounts of cash but you’ll still have access to most of the same features. That statement is also true for Android devices, but with those you also get more choice so you will save cash and get a new handset while only giving up features that aren’t that important anyway.


It’s tempting to opt for one of the all-inclusive deals because you’ll be able to manage your money easily with a fixed monthly cost, but you might not need unlimited usage. Check out the amount of texts, calls and data you use on average and then make a decision. You don’t need to pour through pages of paperwork any more if you sign up for online billing with your provider so take the time to understand what you use and then ask for a monthly phone plan to cover that usage.

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