How to remove U2 new album from your iPhone

Whether you’re a fan of the Irish rock band or not, you will have received their latest album, Songs of Innocence, free of charge on iTunes. If you’d like to remove the Irish rockers’ “musical autobiography”, you can’t just delete it from your library. Whether you just want rid of it, or if you’d like the memory back, we’ll tell you how to delete u2 album from iPhone in a few easy steps.
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As the latest U2 album was distributed by Apple’s iCloud, it’s not stored to your device. If the songs on the new album have a cloud icon with an arrow that’s pointing downwards, then it’s not been downloaded as yet. Unfortunately you can’t permanently delete an album that’s stored on your cloud. To get rid of it, you’ll need to hide it. To do this, go into Settings and then click Music. Toggle the Show All Music switch to off. Now your iPod or iPhone will only show music you’ve actually downloaded.

Shuffle mode

Even if you hide the album, it’ll still play as part of your shuffle mode. To fix this, you’ll need to create a custom playlist that excludes all songs from Songs of Innocence.

Mistakenly downloaded

If you find that you’ve downloaded the U2 album, you can delete it song by song on your iPhone. If you’ve downloaded it to your computer, you’ll need to right click on the album title and then click delete. If the download was automatic, you can stop purchases from automatically downloading by opening iTunes, selecting Preferences, clicking the Store tab and then unchecking the box marked Automatic Downloads.


If all the technical stuff's a bit too much for you, why not check out Apple's official site? There's a link on support.apple.com/kb/ht6439 that makes removing the album pretty easy.

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