How to recycle ink cartridges for cash

Many of us think that once a printer ink cartridge is finished it is fit only for the rubbish bin. However, there is still life left in them even when empty. Not only can they be refilled and used again, but have value if you recycle ink cartridges for cash.

Simply by checking online there are numerous companies who will take your old, emptied ink units and pay you money in return.

Cash for cartridges is one such company. Located at http://www.cashforcartridges.co.uk/ you can also call direct at 0845 094 9221 for full details. So, what is the deal here? They ask you to create a free account. Then, there are several ways to get your used cartridges to them.

  • By Freepost, They will send you envelopes to post back to them (under 2 kilos in quantity )
  • You can also use a freepost address and send direct to their depot (under 2 kilos in quantity)
  • For offices, schools or large quantity returns they supply a free recycle bin (over 2 kilos in quantity)
  • Also for large amounts of returns they can send a courier to collect from you. (over 2 kilos in quantity)

Cash for cartridges may pay as much as £4.50 for some types and you can receive a pay-out once your account accumulates £25.

You might want to recycle ink cartridges for cash and have the money paid direct into a PayPal account instead. In that case, try http://www.empties-express.co.uk/. At this company they accept many types of cartridge and are paying from £0.50p up to £3.00 for certain kinds.

Just post off your used empties to the address displayed on their website and once approved they will deposit your funds right away.

We all know how important it is to save the environment. Now you can do you bit and earn too when you recycle ink cartridges for cash.

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