How to publish a book in Amazon

Self-publishing is a way of getting your book to market without agents and publishers asking for changes and thanks to e-books, getting it done is pretty easy, even for those without much technical know-how. We tell you how to publish a book in Amazon so you can keep on with the more difficult task of writing the thing.

Why choose Amazon

If you choose Amazon, you’re choosing Kindle, the eReaderthat’s probably the most dominant in the market right now. You’ll be getting access to everyone with a Kindle as well as everyone who’s downloaded the Kindle App for their smartphone. That’s a pretty huge amount of potential readers for your new work. If you publish the work through Amazon’s “Kindle Direct Publishing” platform, you’ll push the book out to all of these guys in seconds.

Step 1

The process of getting your latest work onto Amazon is pretty pain free. Before you can begin you need to sign up to Publisher. At the bottom of Amazon’s home page you’ll find a link called “independently publish with us.” Click this. You’ll be asked to sign up to Amazon if you haven’t already after this.

Step 2

You’ll find yourself at the Kindle Dashboard where you’ll be able to add the title of the book. The next part asks you to add in the authorship details, book type and price among other things. You’re then asked to put the book into a category. The good thing here is that you can put your book into two categories if you think it bridges more than one genre. The final stage before publishing is to pick your book’s cover.

Step 3

Before you upload you have a choice whether to enable “digital rights management” or not. If you enable it, you make it harder for people to share your work. On the other hand, you also make it harder for people to take the work without paying for it. To get your work out there, disable this feature. Of course, this is entirely your choice though.

Step 4

Now is the time to upload the book. You can upload a Word, HTML, ePub, Text or PDF documents. The final steps involve formatting the book and setting a price. These things are entirely personal choices, but we’d recommend that you do some research on similar books to see how their priced and presented. After that, press publish and your work will be available for download on millions of eReaders across the globe.

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