How to pretend you haven't seen someone's Facebook message

With Facebook apps on our phones, access often allowed at work and a proliferation of tablets and other devices in our living rooms, pretending that you didn’t get a message on Facebook is pretty hard to do. All is not lost though as we bring you a tool that will give you more time to respond.



There are 1.4 billion Facebook users across the world. Of them, 600 million regularly use the site to communicate through the chat function. Up until 2012 you could send messages without ever knowing if they were received and read but after that time when a read receipt was introduced, you’ve been able to see who’s read your message thanks to a notification that says something like “seen by Friend A, Friend B, and Friend C.” While that’s great for messages like invites sent on mass, it can be an issue if you send someone a personal note as you’ll know they’re read it. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and you’ll understand the issue – the sender is waiting for your response thanks to Facebook’s interference.

Time to reply

You can buy yourself some valuable time to reply with just the right words by installing Facebook Unseen. This is a Chrome browser extension that blocks Facebook’s read receipts. It’s easy to install if you follow the below.

How to install Facebook Unseen

You have to make sure that you’re using Google’s Chrome browser before you begin. Now you need to download Facebook Unseen from the Chrome Web Store. When that’s installed, just click on the icon and you can take as much time as you like.

Final word

This app only works on your desktop so don't make the mistake of accessing Facebook elsewhere and assuming you're protected by Facebook Unseen.

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