How to post a GIF on Facebook

In recent times social media site Facebook has made a change that will help brighten your morning because now you can post an animated GIF. That will please the site’s 1.4 billion worldwide users but most of them won’t know how it’s done. If you’d like to know how to post a GIF on Facebook, read on.

In the past

You’ve always been able to post links to your favourite GIFs through Facebook but anyone who wanted to actually see them would have to follow the link and be taken away from Facebook. Perhaps the fact that users were being redirected is what’s prompted the king of social media sites to make this change.

How to post a GIF to Facebook

It’s actually pretty straightforward which must be quite a relief. All you have to do is paste the link to the GIF you’re interested in within your status update bar and then you hit Post. It’s that simple. All you really need to be aware of is that your link post must end in “.gif” in order for it to work properly.

When you’ve posted

When you’re done posting the GIF in the URL field, it’ll load and you can then add some text to the update space above to help illustrate it.

Final word

Isn’t that great? Now all those things you can’t express in a few words can be broadcast to your friends on Facebook through GIFs. If you’re wondering where to find GIFs, search them through Google Images or through a site like tumblr.com. The final consideration really is how many to upload. Don’t make the mistake of getting too involved with this as your friends will soon tire of it.

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