How to pay with smartphones in the UK

Over the years smartphones have replaced devices like the alarm clock, music players and tape recorders so why not replace the debit card? Making payments is now easier than ever before as contactless debit and credit cards mean we don’t have to bother inputting our pin numbers when we make small payments. A cashless future could be closer than we think thanks to smartphones. We’ll tell how to pay with smartphones and discuss the advantages this brings
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Digital wallet

You can make payments a breeze and never be without access to your cash with a smartphone app. There are too many similar apps to mention here and the best one changes depending on whether your phone’s Android or iOS but the basic principle is the same. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you connect it to your bank account and payment cars and you can start spending.

Here’s how it works

We’re not going to outline the technical side of it but give you a user’s point of view. With one of these apps installed and properly set up with your bank details, you can tap your smartphone at the card terminal to check out. That’s currently only available with an NFC enabled Android phone but other types of phone allow you to pay by saying your name to the cashier. A system like ERPLY allows you to check in when you enter the store and then it uses facial recognition software to authorise your transaction when you reach the till.

Card readers

Self-employed people might be interested to know that you can also receive funds using a smartphone. With a card reader installed you can accept credit and debit card payments which are then transferred to your bank or through PayPal.

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