How to organise your feeds on the MIX

When you've been using the MIX for a while, you will start to accumulate all kinds of favourite feeds. A great way to remember them all is to sort them into manageable categories for easy reading. In the Add Content panel on the right hand side of your MIX page, there is a 'My Feeds' section, which records all of the feeds you have put on your page (even if you've removed them from your page).

Hovering your mouse over the feed title will expose an 'options' icon to the right of the feed title. Click on it. You can either permanently delete a feed you don't like, or move it to a folder that you create and name yourself. Try creating different folders for sports, news, cool stuff, blogs etc and you'll find it easier to locate your favourite content when you want to see it again!

If you're new to the MIX, check out some of the recommended feeds in the Feed Directory to get you started. Also take a look at some of the past WebTwitcher posts to see the scope of feeds now available on the web!

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